Between two steep walls of basalt (3D animated video,voice-over, metal studs, painted mdf, unfired
clay with black mat coating)

The white panels depict an abstracted image from Theodoor Debry’s Grand Voyages, a 16th century reference work for imagining the new world. The exotic fantasy is reduced to a tableau that becomes hard to decipher. The image is milled-through the panel and therefore it is as much present as well as absent. Both panels are hung on a metal structure that is usually applied to build ‘fake’ walls or spaces.

Pelvic is an anecdotical sculpture playing with a long lost history. It is based on the pelvic bone of a whale and refers to an age when whales had legs and strolled the surface of the planet. Here it becomes a three-dimensional symbol and indicator of time.

A 3D animated video shows a spotlight, searching endlessly through a dark and desolate landscape.

In a continuous voice-over, a story is told describing the exploration of an undefined space. The original narrative is cut up in fragments and randomly played in shuffle mode, breaking up the linear structure of the narrative. The story no longer has a beginning or end.