Klecks Klecks 
(in collaboration with Anna Szaflarski, 15 x 5 meters, cotton, dye, metal scaffolding)

In 1857, Justinus Kerner a doctor and poet, elaborated his folded ink stains into bestiary of the grotesque or ‘creatures of chance’, which were then published alongside his poetry. Long before the pseudoscience of “Rorschach” emerged, Kerner investigated the autonomous possession and animal magnetism in his medical work, attributing these ink creatures to have coming from ‘Hades’ and the ‘other world’.
This idea led to the making of “Klecks Klecks”– in collaboration with Anna Szaflarski.

–a 15 meter textile work made using a batik technique that is dyed by the slow melting of ice. As pigment-dusted ice cubes disintegrated, dripping into the folded fabric, the fractal-ed faces of beasts began to emerge. Installed like a large folded paper, the two rooms that it intersects are distorted reflections of one another.