Vitrine #78
(in collaboration with Tom Hallet, clay, plaster, paint, Polyurethane foam)

Two objects function as memories made physical. Both objects testfy to radically deifferent forms of life that have come and gone over time. Their encounter seems accidental but by placing both together an intimate relationship is created that seeks to be narrated.

By refusing to contextualise the objects they are set free from categorisation and get reduced to their pure formal existence. Reconstruction fo the Father mediates between collective memory and personal desire, while Pelvic creates a sign from a bone destined to disappear.

Pelvic is a remnant of long lost history. It is based on the pelvic bone of a whale and refers to an age when whales had legs and strolled the surface of the planet. Here it becomes a three-dimensional symbol and indicator of time.

Reconstruction of the Father starts from a plaster reproduction of Tom Hallet’s father and is polished down. Along the process a more primordial shape is brought to the foreground.